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Capt. Alexander de Vos, MBA

Capt. Alexander de Vos, MBA

Managing Consultant
Born in Geneva, Switzerland of Dutch nationality, Mr. De Vos studied electrical engineering at the University of Technology Delft, the Netherlands majoring in avionics. This world famous university not only awoke his interest in rowing and rugby, it was right here that his passion for aviation became apparent.

Subsequentially,he enrolled at a Dutch academy for airline transport pilots where he received his first of many to be followed airline transport pilot's license. Capt. De Vos has flown since for various operators in scheduled and charter, passenger and cargo operations throughout the United States and Europe. He has held positions as marketing manager, as flight operations manager, as lead consult for various aviation conultancies and as general manager for an air charter company in the Middle East. Capt. De Vos' latest position was the one of CEO for a regional scheduled airline in the Middle East.

Upon returning to Europe, he founded the German Aviation Academy since, throughout his career, he has been frustrated with insufficient training opportunities for his co-workers at management level. Capt. De Vos earned his MBA at the University of Wales, he has advised Middle Eastern and Asian carriers on various operational and strategic topics and is regularly invited to publish articles and to give speeches on the aviation industry.

Capt. De Vos resides with his family in western Germany and has a hands-on interest in vintage cars.