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More than a century of aviation experience combined makes the difference.


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Taxiway Lima's consultants all come with decades of first and second line management roles within the aviation industry. As such, we know from our own experience where the typical bottlenecks of the aviation value chain lie.

It takes more than a fancy suit to be an experienced consultant who is able to successfully contribute with first hand experience to your aviation problems and we believe we have the expertise in-house.

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Change management takes many facettes. Business life cycle, company demographics and audience, and not the least geographical and cultural parameters influence any such project to a large extent. The consultants with Taxiwy Lima stem from a variety of aviation projects world-wide and are thus very much aware of project imposed restrictions. This is what sets us successfully apart from our larger competitors that usually apply a single solution to all projects, regardless of geographics and demographics. What works best in organization A does not work best in organization B, however.

In order to successfully turn-around a company, a variety of perspectives needs to be taken. In the aviation industry of today, a modern and simple IT infrastruture is a must, regardless of employee's salary levels. Innovative sales channels need to be explored. Revenue management needs to be simple and fast reacting to external factors and network management streamlined according to fleet and demand. And all this under the umbrella of safe operations, be it in the air or in the office. Taxiway Lima will look into all these aspects, consider any imposed restraints and will come with viable solutions to your problems. Solutions that we believe will work with a minimum of daily disruptions. We are so convinced about our approach that we gladly will be part of the implementation process as well. We take our slogan of accountability and flexibility seriously.

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