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Due diligence, business planning, and start-up for a regional airline

Eastern Express

Eastern Express was the first dedicated regional airline based in the United Arab Emirates. During its operations, the airline expanded into the Subcontinent and into the Horn of Africa. Eventually, the model was successfully merged with a competitor.

Alexander de Vos was lead consult and later interim CEO for the airline during its planning and start-up phase. Despite the common and to be expected extensive hurdles in planning and developing a new model in challenging surroundings, the team succeeded to eventually present a product that attracted solid interest by its peers and foremost by its customers.

Eastern Express livery


In his role as lead consult and CEO, all funding and financial, personnel and operational issues were under his authority. During the administrational and operational phase of the airline, strategic decisions were made at board level, on which Alexander de Vos also served.

Project Milestones

  •      Low budget airline start-up
  •      Introduction of a new business model to the region
  •      Expansion into other geographical and demand-type regions
  •      Operations exceeded financial projections
  •      Successful merger