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More than a century of aviation experience combined makes the difference.

Due diligence and business planning for a private jet operation

Gulf Executive Aviation

Gulf Executive Aviation was an aviation service provider that decided to expand its portfolio with an air transport division.

Alexander de Vos led the team of consultants that planned the new division while the team also served as the interim management for the whole company. The consultancy team decided on a niche operation that involved flexible and reliable air transport as opposed to the then prevailing VVIP-only business models in the region.

Gulf Executive Aviation air operations


The concept acquired the interest of larger organizations in the region and was consequently successfully sold by the consultancy team under the leadership of Alexander de Vos.

Project Milestones

  •      Successful implementation of a comprehensive expanded business model
  •      Successful audit by the authorities
  •      Creation of new and secure jobs
  •      Successful merger