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Set-up of a regional office for a flight school

Cabair Group

The Cabair Group was, at the time of contracting Alexander de Vos in, the largest flight training organization with links to a number of higher educationa institutes and air transport providers in the United Kingdom and abroad.

On behalf of the group, Alexander de Vos was to establish a regional office that not only assessed and enrolled students for the head office in the United Kingdom, it was to provide turn-key flight training solutions to students from all over the world as well.

Cabair DA40


The regional office was established by a team of professionals loed by Alexander de Vos on time and within budget and contributed, once operational, considerably to the turn-over of the group. However, own flight training operations never commenced due to traffic and imposed on slot restrictions at the intended airspace and airports.

Project Milestones

  •      Successful exapnsion of business model into a number of GCC states
  •      Attraction of large airline contracts
  •      Successful establishment of the Cabair brand as an alternative to regional flight training providers
  •      Creation of new and secure jobs