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More than a century of aviation experience combined makes the difference.

Successful projects

Taxiway Lima

The consultants of Taxiway Lima all have been involved at the highest levels in various specialized projects, from aircraft operations over airport management to aviation strategy development for governments.

As such, we reasonably know what to expect when taking on your project, be it a specialized item or a complete turn-key program. In order to give you a brief overview of what we have achieved in the recent past, please click on the links to the right.

Taxiway Lima projects

Our areas of expertise lie with start-ups and change management projects within developing and emerging nations world-wide. Countries, for which we have added value to the aviation industry, include, amongst others and in no particular order:

  •      Djibouti
  •      Bahrain
  •      Kuwait
  •      United Arab Emirates
  •      Qatar
  •      Saudi Arabia
  •      Tajikistan
  •      Iran
  •      Kenya
  •      Somalia
  •      Ethiopia
  •      Pakistan
  •      Papua New Guinea
  •      Georgia
Please be reminded that for privacy and brevity reasons, only a short and brief project list can be protrayed on this site. For a more in-depth overview, please do contact us.