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Taxiway Lima is a niche aviation consultancy focusing on strategic and operational start-up and change management projects with governments and the private aviation industry throughout developing and emerging markets.

We plan with a helicopter view approach and take a comprehensive look at any project we are going to undertake. By applying a top-down approach, we evaluate the potential tie-ins with client existing infrastructure and client in-house available expertise. By doing so, our clients benefit twofold:

  •      by actively participating in the new technology from the start of the planning phase, client human resources need ultimately less expensive training in and, maybe more importantly, less convincing of the necessary new approach, reducing the transition phase considerably and thus saving extensively on overheads; and
  •      by having an active say in the planning and implementation phase, our clients are able to fine-tune the project plan according to their individual market, resources and financial parameters.

Taxiway Lima projects
What we don't do:
  •      We do not sell our clients an off the shelve product or programme.
  •      We don't display an attitude of ‘we know best’.
  •      We don't overload projects with manpower.

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What we do, however:
  •      We understand that any potential client works in a different market with different level resources. What is in common though is the ultimate goal of safe transportation. We therefore evaluate each potential project separately and individually and will provide tailored best practices to the existing business gaps.
  •      Although our consultants have worked extensively in various parts of the world, we recognize that world trade in general and the aviation industry in particular are highly dynamic business markets. By incorporating the goals and visions of our client into our project plan, we make sure that the result of our plan is benefiting our client in the maximum possible amount. What is the point of having a top notch IT infrastructure if your destinations experience multiple power cuts?
  •      We are a small, focused and driven consultancy. We believe that having a low internal cost base is one of the key drivers for success and we would like our clients to be prosperous. We therefore man all our projects with the minimum staffing possible. After all, we would like our clients to be around to call us the next time they have a need for strategic and operational project. It is in our own interest.

Key words

  • accountability
  • flexibility
  • strategy
  • operations
  • developing countries
  • emerging countries


  • start-ups
  • change management
  • top-down approach
  • tailored approach
  • incorporation of client resources
  • low cost base